Sunday, February 22, 2015

RM Video Production

Rood's Media has primarily focused on website design since 2001, but you may not know that our roots are based in video production.

Back in the days before the Internet, Peter Rood and Trevor Risbridger used to team up to record and edit SVHS videos for their High School using the amazing Video Toaster. Back in 1994 this software would allow them to add titles, graphics, animations, and transitions to their projects. This may not sound exciting to most people today since you can do all these things is glorious 1080p HD on any smartphone, but back in the day this was groundbreaking technology. Eventually, Peter and Trevor were able to land co-op positions at Video For Hire in Thornhill, Ontario where they would master the Video Toaster editing suite and a plethora of skills for both shooting and editing videos. Upon completion of this placement Trevor went on to study Film and Televion production at Seneca College and landed a full time position with Technicolor in Toronto while Peter studied Multimedia Design and Production at Humber and founded Rood's Media in 2001.

Today, this dynamic duo still work together on video productions that are distributed online through websites that have been built and maintained by Rood's Media.