Thursday, November 22, 2012

What's Your Mobile Web-Site Strategy?

It took more than 1 year to sell 1 Million iPods but only 28 days to sell 1 Million+ iPads!

In the last couple years there has been a big movement to have social networking and media added to web-sites (new and old). And with the huge increase of iPads and tablets in general, there is a monumental user demand for more mobile web-sites and responsive design.

With Apple leading the charge with the iPod, iPad and iPhone, every company with a web-site will need to prepare and initiate a strategy for optimizing and delivering their online content through mobile devices. The days of having one fixed width web-site to deliver all web content through a desktop computer is over.

How do you, as a web-site owner, keep up with the constant changes and trends that are associated with properly maintaining your all important business web presence?

Rood's Media is always reviewing new technologies and updating our collective skill sets in order to provide solutions that reflect current web trends. Rood's Media is here to help you create that much needed mobile web-site strategy and deliver a solution that will optimize your web content on any platform. We offer the right approach to keep your site relevant and available to your customers, whether their access is through a smartphone, the latest iPad or their desktop computer.

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The Rood's Media Team