Thursday, June 07, 2012

Why FileMaker?

Rood's Media builds custom web-sites for FileMaker Pro databases. In fact we can build and host your entire FMP database as well as design a custom web presentation or admin dashboard to go with it. Filemaker Pro in our preferred database solution

I am often asked, why FileMaker? It's simple. FileMaker is a user friendly yet extremely powerful relationship based database application that utilizes a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to help development work flow and user functionality. As a company that produces visual assets in digital form, Rood's Media feels FileMaker Pro is a perfect fit. We get the powerful database software our clients need in a visually pleasing hands on application. With the wide assortment of plug-ins and extensions available, Rood's Media can fine-tune any FileMaker Pro database solution to fit any project. In addition, the FileMaker server can relieve a web browser of many client side burdens by doing much of the heavy lifting on the back end.

For more information on Filemaker Pro and the rest of the FileMaker line-up please visit their official site.

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